What are the causes of a posterior horn meniscus tear?

Answer A common knee injury, a posterior horn meniscus tear causes pain and swelling in the knee joint, impairing movement and often requiring surgery to correct. Trauma, typically through bending or twis... Read More »

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Medial meniscus tear (surgery)?

Rennie, PLEASE take it easy!! I have been through all of that before and you do not want to rush it. You could step wrong or slip and you would be very much in trouble. I know you say "I will be... Read More »

I have partial Acl tear n meniscus should go for rest?

Take it easy. If it's painful rest. Usually ACL tears and meniscus tears don't heal. If it still bothers you a lot or gets worse in 3 months I'd see a doctor and see what they think. Usually some... Read More »

Right knee Meniscus tear any other cure besides surgery?

Hi, sorry about your knee. I'm 17 and I tore my meniscus last year and had surgery. The majority of the time, surgery is done for meniscus tears because they're hard to heal on their own. During s... Read More »

How long will it take to recover from keyhole surgery for a meniscus tear ?

It depends : Are they performing a menisectomy (removing the meniscus - complete or partial?) Or meniscus repair ??!!It also depends on the place of the tear and if they'll do anterior cruciate li... Read More »