What are the causes of a blue screen error ,and what am I supposed to do in order to get rid of this error?

Answer the blue screen of death has nothing to do with your moniter so.... you kinda wasted your money on a new moniter lollast time it happened to mine, i just took it to a computer shop, and if you don'... Read More »

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How to Repair a Blue Screen Error?

The Windows operating system has a blue screen that will appear if there is a problem with the computer's startup sequence. The blue screen error is probably because of a virus on your system or a ... Read More »

Blue screen error problem. Can anybody help please?

Dont do what "Padmesh" says yet!!!!when the next BSOD occurrs, you will see an error corrolation code similar to: 0x00000005bType that into google and it should give you an idea what is wrong with ... Read More »

Blue screen of dead computer error.?

that blue screen error is due to problem with your RAM chip..even reinstalling windows isn't gonna help you out!!only way is to get a new RAM!!!

Laptop keeps shutting off while im using it, Blue error screen..?

Blue screen is also called "Blue screen of Death".It is a big problem in computers. it comes by many reasons.1: Windows corrupts.2: damage of hard disk.3: Damage of motherboard.4: Ram may be out of... Read More »