What are the causes for brotherly and sisterly quarrel?

Answer misundrestasnding age gapjealousystepfamily

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What are some sisterly sayings?

Oh, I have an older and younger sister, so if she is older than you she would probably say "I'm talking on the phone, brat!" The younger sister would say "I'm telling Mom!" :)

How to Make Others Believe You Are Nice After A Quarrel?

So you got into a fight and people think you're nasty. What are you going to do? You're going to put it on wikiHow so we can help!Have no fear, people! descriptionHere it is: what do do in this sit... Read More »

What should you do if you have siblings who quarrel every single day?

Method 1: Just ignore them,or try to calm them down.It's easier if you go to a quiet room to relax a while.If they are teasing you,just stare at them.After a while,they will get fed up and leave yo... Read More »

How to Make Others Believe That You Are a Nice Person After You Have Had a Quarrel With Them?

People quarrel all the time. One argument doesn't mean you should now be seen as a nasty person, people make mistakes and this should be recognised and learned from.