How do you kill a cardinal?

Answer with a pelet gun

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What do cardinal directions mean?

Cardinal directions refer to the four points--north, south, east and west --represented on a compass rose. Maps and atlases use compass roses to indicate these four cardinal points, in addition to ... Read More »

Cardinal Eye Disease?

We all have six cardinal positions of the eye. These are the positions in which a normal eyeball can turn. Cardinal Eye Disease refers to the diseases which are caused when the extraocular muscles ... Read More »

How did cardinal directions get their name?

North, south, east and west are known as the cardinal--or principal--directions, because they are the foundation for navigation and mapmaking in Western society.OriginsThe names for the four cardin... Read More »

How to Know the Seven Deadly Sins?

So you would like to know about the 7 Deadly Sins. Perhaps you would like to learn how to avoid them. No doubt, you would also like to know why these 7 have been classified as "Deadly."