What are the bowls on a fondue set for !!?

Answer You can use them either for the foods you're going to dip into the fondue or sauces for after the time is cooked in the fondue.

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How to Make Cheese Fondue (Fondue Neufchâteloise) recipe?

Love cheese? Why not dip your whole meal in it? Here's how to make a great cheese fondue.

Is it okay to fondue with the thin metal fondue pot?

It is OK to fondue with a thin metal pot. Thin fondue pots work best for oil-based dipping and to fry some foods. You also can melt thicker foods such as cheese or chocolate in a thin metal fondue ... Read More »

What is a fondue set?

A fondue set consists of a pot, burner and forks. The pot is fueled by electricity, butane, tea lights, alcohol or fuel paste. The most common fondue recipes have a cheese or chocolate base. Vegeta... Read More »

What do you use a fondue pot for?

Consumers use fondue pots for many things, such as to heat dipping sauces like cheese or chocolate. Fondue pots also heat broth or oil, which are used to cook raw meats and vegetables.HistoryAccord... Read More »