Is high blood pressure common with MVP?

Answer On One Hand: Mitral Valve Prolapse is Fairly CommonAccording to the Mayo Clinic, The National Heart, Lung, and Blood, Institute (NHLBI), and The American Heart Association (AHA), mitral valve prola... Read More »

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What blood disorder is most common in babies?

These look like little warts, with hard white hard stuff in the middle, I think that you can compare it to a skin tag. These warts are more uncomfortable then they are harmful.

How common is a no blood delivery during childbirth?

I am a Labor and Deliver Nurse at a very busy birthing hospital (I usually see 2-3 births per day) and haven't seen a "blood free" delivery yet. I don't think that ever happens.

Common Types of Desalination?

Although 70 percent of the earth's surface is covered with water, almost all of it is saltwater. Only 3 percent of all the water on earth is fresh water, and two-thirds of the fresh water is frozen... Read More »

The Most Common Types of Bridges?

Bridges are used all over the world to connect places that would otherwise be inaccessible to each other. Some of the world's most famous bridges are symbols of the cities in which they are found, ... Read More »