What is the meaning of month birthstones?

Answer The belief in gemstones holding special qualities that are imparted to the wearer can be traced back to ancient cultures. People have long believed that gemstones bring good luck, protection, roman... Read More »

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Are there flowers that represent each month like birthstones?

The flowers representing each of the months are the carnation (January); iris (February); daffodil (March); daisy (April); lily (May); rose (June); delphinium (July); gladiola (August); aster (Sept... Read More »

What is the cost of an iphone 4 for every month?

WHAT is the cost of your internet every month?

I am an indian and here internet connection requires Rs 250.I know you live in America so i will change it into dollars.It is $5.56 per month

WHAT is the cost of you mobile phone every month?

It's about $ 25. Now if u add my landline bill, it will be $ 120. I make business calls too from my phones.