What are the biggest tires that will fit on 15x8 rims?

Answer One of the biggest fashion and styling statements on a car is the wheel and tire combo. The size of the tire will depend on the model and year. Most are best fitted with 9-inch or 255/60; '65 to '6... Read More »

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What size tires will fit 14 x 7 rims?

There are lots of options. A 14x7 rim can hold a variety of tire sizes. Without any information relative to a particular model, a 225/70/14 would be most common tire for this size rim.References:T... Read More »

Will 235 60r17 tires fit a car that needs 235 60r16 tires?

The final number in the tire size is the diameter of the wheel. Therefore, because it is physically impossible to mount a 16-inch tire on a 17-inch wheel, a 235 60r17 tire will not fit a car that n... Read More »

Will 16 inch tires fit on 15 inch rims?

No. The rim's measurement in inches is its outside diameter, which must match up perfectly with the hole in the tire. A tire with a 16-inch hole in the middle would simply fall off of a 15-inch rim... Read More »

What tires fit 5.5x15 rims?

A tire that would fit a rim that is 15 inches in diameter and 5.5 inches wide would need to have an approximate width of 140 millimeters, which is the standard measurement for tires. The tires can ... Read More »