What are the big bumps on the back of your tounge?

Answer These bumps are caused by underlying taste buds.

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Um do these bumps on the back of my tounge mean cancer!!?

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My mum says i cant get my tounge peirced until im 16, shall i get it done behind her back?

No you should wait, if my daughter done it behind my back I would be upset and pull the thing out of her tongue;-)

Bumps on back of arm?

I had that too when I was about 10, just scrub with a hard core cleansing foam with granulares in it. 'Rub and scrub' the foam with a rough cloth. I personally used St. Ives Apricot Scrub and scrub... Read More »

How to Get Rid of The Red Bumps On The Back of Your Arms?

I was frustrated when I was younger by the red bumps and dry skin that persisted on the back of my arms. The answer is easier than you might think. Does this Spark an idea?