What are the best type of televisions to buy now?

Answer Both of these sites should help:http://www.plasmatvbuyingguide.com

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What is more efficient, CRT televisions or LCD televisions?

LCD (liquid crystal display) televisions that use LED (Light-emitting diode) rather than fluorescent (CCFL or cold cathode fluorescent lamp) backlights are more efficient than old CRT (cathode ray ... Read More »

What type of homecoming dress is best for my body type?

I think you should wear a dress that is a bit tighter on its upper side,but probably has a cute design on your breasts and then goes wider on the lower part of your body.Something like this:http://... Read More »

What type of shampoo best for my type of hair?

i have really dry frizzy hair and argan oil products work wonders. i usually take a shower with, Slicone, Alcohol, Salt and Dye helps strengthen the hai... Read More »

Which brand has the best LCD televisions on the world?

Well, if you're against Sony (my choice is their XBR 1080p LCD HDTV models), then you have Proton, then Mitsubishi, then Panasonic, and then perhaps Samsung.H a p p yH o m eT h e a t e r i n g !