What are the best trap work outs To get huge Traps?

Answer You need shoulder shrugsMilitary pressSide raisesDo 4 sets eacjEnjoy

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There is a huge rat caught on a trap inside my cupboard! He's wiggling around like he's trying to get loose.?

If it is caught wear thick gloves and get a box or a trash bag and grab the trap with the rat and dispose of it out side in the trash can.or better yet use a set of tongs to grab the trap so it has... Read More »

Good Work outs for Loss of Belly and a lot of weight?

You should have 2-3 workout routines to work different muscles, if you're working the same muscles daily you're not giving them rest and then your body will become immune to it. This is why people... Read More »

Do Havahart traps work?

On One Hand: They Trap HumanelyHavahart traps work to humanely capture small pest animals for later release. They are effective for mice, rats and squirrels. You can also use them for groundhogs, f... Read More »

What is the best mosquito trap?

On One Hand: Low Voltage Fluorescents Can Be GoodLow voltage fluorescent mosquito traps can be a good option. Low voltage bulbs can offer energy efficiency and solid trapping quality. According to ... Read More »