A diamond is a girl's best friend, what's a boy's best friend?

Answer The booblie twins and beer.

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What are some typical "girl things" and "boy things"?

Typically, boys in my classroom like to play with Legos, blocks, science things (such as found objects from nature), dolls, pots and pans and play food, bristle blocks, writing and drawing material... Read More »

My friend looks down on Korean...I think ( as well as other things )?

Your friend is a perfect example of ignorance.Yes. Koreans are descendants from Mongols.No one copied anyone. Korea and China have similar cultures is all.Original ideas do not exist. Everything in... Read More »

The Best Things to Communicate to a Best Friend?

People often overlook the importance of friendship. If you have a best friend who you do not express your appreciation for enough, you may wonder what you can do that will demonstrate your gratitud... Read More »

Things to Say to a Friend on Her Wedding Card?

If you have a friend who's about to walk down the aisle, ensure your wedding card not only conveys your well wishes, but also features a message that reflects your personality or your history with ... Read More »