What are the best settings to use on the canon eos 450D?

Answer Unfortunately, my Crystal Ball is in the shop so I can't tell you the conditions you'll encounter this weekend. It might be sunny. It might be cloudy. What I can tell you is that your camera has a ... Read More »

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Why is Canon Rebel XSi known as Canon 450D?

Canon has different names around the world for their Rebel (Amateur/Consumer) line of cameras. In the US, the line is known as the Canon Rebel XSi. In Japan, it is alternatively named the Canon Kis... Read More »

Can you use 540 EZ speedlight with Canon 450D?

Which is better canon 1100D or 450D?

Which lenses will fit your canon 450d?

The short answer is "Yes."The long answer is: All Canon EOS cameras use Canon EF (electro-focus) lenses. They can also use independently made lenses with EF type camera mounts.All Canon DSLR (digit... Read More »