What are the best rechargeable batteries 10 pts?

Answer For consumer electronics, lithium ions are preferable...they last longer. You can get ENergizer recharable lithiums ions for bout 20bucks (one charger, 4 batteries) Read More »

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Are nimh rechargeable batteries interchangeable with nicd rechargeable batteries?

Yes, NiMH and NiCd batteries are generally interchangeable, and are interchangeable with traditional alkaline batteries. Simply replace the battery with the appropriate size, AAA, AA, and so on. N... Read More »

What are the best rechargeable AA batteries?

it would be hard to say which ones are the best but i love the rayovac 15min rechargeables. they last a long time and they recharge in 15 minutes. i have had mine for 5 years and they still work li... Read More »

What are the best rechargeable batteries to buy for a digital camera?

What are the best batteries (rechargeable or not) for digital cameras?

I buy the Energizer lithium batteries, they seem to last forever (and I take alot of pics!) I've tried cheaper batteries for camera use but they die out too fast. So even tho the lithium are much ... Read More »