How to Hit Golf Irons?

Answer Golf irons require a different swing than your golf woods. Depending on what you want to do with the golf ball, golf irons can be very versatile.

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What golf ball do you hit with the Ping G10 irons?

According to Fitted4golf, golfers are fitted for golf balls based on their style of play, rather than for use of specific clubs, such as the Ping G10 iron. A golfer's criteria for ball selection ar... Read More »

When were the Callaway Big Bertha golf irons made?

The Callaway Big Bertha golf irons were introduced in 1994, according to a history of the Callaway Golf Company on the company's website. The irons were introduced to accompany the Big Bertha Metal... Read More »

How to Compare Callaway Women's Golf Irons?

As of October 2010, Callaway offered two lines of irons for women golfers: the Diablo Edge and the X-22. The Diablo Edge irons offer additional forgiveness and an increased sweet spot for beginning... Read More »

What is the standard length of golf clubs: irons, woods&drivers?

The standard length of a men's steel driver is 44 inches; 3 wood is 42.5 inches; 4 wood is 42 inches; 5 wood is 41.5 inches; 7 and 9 wood is 41 inches; 11 wood is 40.5 inches; 13 wood is 40 inches;... Read More »