What are the best iron pills?

Answer Organic iron such as ferrous gluconate or ferrous fumarate is absorbed better than inorganic iron such as ferrous fumarate.Probably the best absorbed iron supplement is liquid iron such as colloida... Read More »

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Do iron pills expire?

iron is a mineral and can lay in the ground for centuries. NO iron does not expire. Just not possible.

Do you have to take iron pills while pregnant?

If you have low iron levels, it may be recommended for you to take iron tablets while pregnant, as your growing baby also requires these to develop properly. Consult your physician before taking su... Read More »

Floradix or iron pills for anemia?

You can go for natural things like Dry Grapes and Drum Sticks.

Can you get pregnant on the 4 iron pills of the birth control pack?

Some birth control brands contain iron pills in the placebo pills. Whether your placebos contain iron or not, you have protection from pregnancy during the placebo period as long as you took the pr... Read More »