What are the best head phones for noise cancellation?

Answer The Bose quietcomfort 3 are the best noise cancelling headphones on the market. They are great for frequent flyers. They area affordable and lighter weight making them very convient.

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Whats the best noise cancellation sony headphone for your money?

Many companies make noise cancellation headphones, but Sony has one of the best around. Some of their most popular models that are good for your money are ones that are portable and can reduce nois... Read More »

How do noise reduction head phones work?

Why are head-phones called head-phones when they are not exactly head PHONES?

well if you talking about the phone parts it because they look like phones and you put them in a ipod or a computer so then it like talks to ya :) i have 1000 head phones

What if your nano plays both through the head phones and out loud how do you get to play through head phones only?