What are the best fostering websites?

Answer I think that if you don't want to live with your mom you should have a good reason, i mean you're 17 already, you are almost an adult you should already know whats good and bad for you. If you are ... Read More »

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What does fostering mean?

when you take in a child who needs a place to live away from their parents so they live with people who are fulled trained foster carers who act like your mum and dad.there are six catigories of fo... Read More »

How much do you receive for fostering a child?

Foster parents can receive any where from $25.00-$80.00 tax free a day. It all depends on the behavioral issues that child has, the more difficult the child is the more money you get. Mentally chal... Read More »

Does the state pay you while fostering children?

If you are looking to foster children then you should be doing it out of the goodness of your heart and not ask for anything in return but yes most states do pay you to foster children

Strategies of Fostering Respect in the Classroom?

One of the underlying themes of any effective classroom is respect -- mutual respect between the teacher and students. Some teachers feel that that one theme is the most important determinate of su... Read More »