What are the best foods to eat when your stomache is upset?

Answer saltine crackers

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How to Eat the Right Foods to Settle an Upset Stomach?

These are real, healthy tips that can settle a sour stomach without pills and medications that cost a fortune!

Is my stomache normal!?

This is a question for your doctor: a family doctor, a general practitioner, or an internal medicine doctor. You can even ask a nurse R.N., or a nurse practitioner about this. They can tell you mor... Read More »

Stomache Pain?

With an appendicitis, there is acute pain that gradually becomes worse. Unless you're having many mild attacks, I doubt it is appendicitis. Also, the pain you described, sounds more like a nerve pa... Read More »

Does oxycodone cause bloating in yhe stomache?

Hi there: yes they will cause that to happen. I take hydrocodone myself and have the same problem at times. You have a fine day.