What are the best foods to eat when your stomache is upset?

Answer saltine crackers

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What are the healthiest best foods to eat when your trying to lose weight?

A lot of times it's really good to listen to your body, so pay attention to what sounds good and try to have a variety…fruits, some vegetables, stay hydrated, and have small snacks throughout the... Read More »

How do you get rid of that sick feeling in your stomache when you do not eat?

You eat. That is the only way and the best way. That is your body telling you that it needs food to keep you healthy and alive. I agree with the answer above 'eat.' The best thing to eat is someth... Read More »

Im 37 weeks ive recently lost your plug and today had a bloody show now im having sharp pains in your stomache when you stand or get up from sittingwhat could this be?

Yes, this is probably labour. You need to go to the hospital

What do you when your upset about something and can't sleep?

I have developed insomnia,and because I am grieving. Sometimes I sleep for hours, some days,like today,I went to be at 2 am, got up,by 6:30. here I am! it is 8:30,and I am on YA!I take a tad of Ny-... Read More »