What are the best exercises you can do with free weights?

Answer I think biceps get a huge benefit from dumbbells compared to other methods. Shrugs, shoulder stuff (theres like 3 or 4 shoulder exercises you can crank out all at once with one set of dumbbells). I... Read More »

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Exercises to Do With Hand Weights to Build Strong Muscles?

There are many exercises you can perform with hand weights to build strong muscles. It is important to perform stretching exercises to warm the muscles up before beginning to lift weights. Hand wei... Read More »

What is the best C++ book with coding exercises at the end?

I'm using "C++ Programming: Program Design Including Data Structures" 5th edition, by D.S. Malik. Great book so far, everything is explain in details and some good programming exercises at the end ... Read More »

Free Weights Exercise Instructions?

Exercising with weights falls into two categories. There are machines with weights attached that do part of the work for you and there are weights that require you to provide all the power. Free we... Read More »

What's the best reliable free web host site with a good looking free domain name?

There are many web hosting providers and you might become confused to choose which one. I see that you don't want to pay for web hosting, but as an experienced webmaster let me tell you that its no... Read More »