What are the best cheap dslr cameras for beginners?

Answer I would highly recommend the rebel series by canon. If you're buying online, amazon has some good deals. Here's a link for canon rebels…

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Best DSLR for beginners..?

The best buy right now is the Pentax K-x. It was chosen as the 2010 "Best DSLR Entry Level" by the Technical Image Press Association yet its much more than merely entry level.Here is a real-world, ... Read More »

Best DSLR for beginners with creative functions..?…So basically you are looking for a dSLR with point-and-shoot functions?…It has lots of picture modes (sports, po... Read More »

Is the Nikon D60 good for beginners with SLR cameras If not, what is the best beginner Digital SLR?

I prefer the offerings from Olympus. For about the money you can get a camera that has image stabilization in the camera and auto focuses with all the lenses. The D60 will require the more expensiv... Read More »

What is the diference between dslr cameras and digital high zoom cameras?

* the A57 has a sensor that is 15 times larger than the HX300* the A57 uses interchangeable lenses. The HX300 has a fixed zoom lens* the A57 can shoot in RAW. The HX300 cannot.* the quality of t... Read More »