Black Beans Red Beans Or Lima Beans Which do you like better?

Answer Hmm .. I guess black beans. One of my friends made an amazing south beach diet soup with black beans and it was very good.

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What type of soil is best for growing beans?

What soil do pinto beans grow best in?

Pinto beans grow best in well-drained, reasonably fertile soil. Beans will not grow well in heavy clay soil or in any kind of soil that becomes easily waterlogged. Fertile loam with natural or adde... Read More »

What are the best beans and grains to use to make a good protein mix?

A cup of peanut butter and a teaspoon of honey goes great together, AND makes pretty good sauce if you heat it. Soy has all kinds of protein too, but it makes everything taste like bluh.

What is the difference between great northern beans&pinto beans?

Beans making an easy addition to just about an any dish. They are nutritious and available in many different varieties. Great northern beans and pinto beans are related but have a slightly differen... Read More »