What are the best beans and grains to use to make a good protein mix?

Answer A cup of peanut butter and a teaspoon of honey goes great together, AND makes pretty good sauce if you heat it. Soy has all kinds of protein too, but it makes everything taste like bluh.

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What are some other good sources of protein i can eat besides meat, beans, and eggs?

Protein is in nearly EVERYTHING. You need far less than you were taught. Eat a balanced vegan diet and you'll have NO trouble. ALL vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, in just about EVERY processed foo... Read More »

How to Soak Grains, Beans and Nuts?

Rain helps nuts, beans and grains germinate to produce a plant. Germination also helps remove nutritional inhibitors and toxic substances. Soaking raw nuts, beans and grains emulates this process a... Read More »

Do kidney beans have protein?

Kidney beans are a "protein-rich superfood," according to WebMD. They make a good replacement for red meat in terms of protein. Other benefits of kidney beans are that they have a high fiber conten... Read More »

Are pinto beans a complete protein?

Pinto beans are not considered complete because they are missing one of the amino acids needed to form a complete protein. Bean dishes often contain a grain, which has that missing amino acid; this... Read More »