What are the best Simple tips for cooking?

Answer it is very hard to decide this it is very wide topic of cooking i think following link will help you regarding this and enjoy testy food...

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What are some ideas for a simple (I will be cooking, lol) but elegant menu for my sister's 60th birthday?

Medallions of beef in mushroom sauce asparagus butter nut squash wild rice or baked tatersparkerhouse rolls

Tips for Cooking Asparagus?

Asparagus, with its slender, fingerlike appearance is one of the more elegant-looking vegetables, often served alongside steak at an upscale restaurant. You may be apprehensive about attempting to ... Read More »

Induction Cooking Tips?

Induction cooktops use magnetic energy to heat food via special coils located directly beneath a smooth cooking surface. While once used primarily in commercial kitchens, the induction stove has be... Read More »

Baked Ham Cooking Tips?

For holiday cooking or everyday meals, many people enjoy baking a ham. This salty, sometimes smoky meat is savory and goes well with side dishes such as sweet potatoes. It is sometimes cooked with ... Read More »