What are the benefits that you can get from parsley?

Answer In a health sense the benefits are from the richness parsley has in Vitamins A B C plus protein minerals iron and calcium. The roots are a richer source of Vitamin C than oranges. It is an antido... Read More »

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What are the benefits of garlic&parsley?

Garlic and parsley are two popular herbs that are eaten often for their flavor. They're also appealing because they are believed to possess good health benefits.Garlic and Hydrogen SulfideA 2007 "N... Read More »

Can I grow a parsley plant from dried parsley flakes?

No,the parsley that is dried comes from the leaves of the plant,but you need the seeds to grow new plants.The seed stalk comes up above the plant in an umbrella shape.Commercial parsley would never... Read More »

What is a plant that is a relative of parsley?

Is flat leaf parsley the same as Italian parsley?

"Curly parsley has a pleasant grassy flavor and decorative ruffled leaves that make it the perfect garnish. When a stronger flavor is desired, recipes usually call for flat-leaf or Italian parsley ... Read More »