What are the benefits of wireless Internet?

Answer Wireless Internet access is accomplished through the use of specialized equipment that uses radio waves to transmit data, and offers a variety of benefits to users.TypesWireless Internet can be run... Read More »

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What are the benefits of using a wireless Internet service provider?

Wireless Internet service is a cost-effective way to enjoy lightning-fast Internet connections in any location. The increased flexibility allows users to stay connected at all times and greatly inc... Read More »

I have a hp laptop connected to wireless internet. How do I make my hp laserjet 1300 wireless also?

You need to get a wireless print server or buy a wireless router that also supports wireless printing. You can find a wireless print server for $30 and if you want a router with both it runs about ... Read More »

Does using version wireless hotspot at school slow down the school's wireless internet?

Hey,Yes, that could be true. Personally, I don't think that is the reason, (I think the reason is because usually school networks restrict sites, whereas a personal 4G LTE Hotspot you control only.... Read More »

How do i connect a belkin wireless router (n150) to WIRELESS internet?

Simply replace the TP Link router with the Belkin.You will need to do some configuration as far as the wireless is concerned, and may need to do some for the WAN connection(Cirrus) as far as userna... Read More »