What are the benefits of vaccinations?

Answer Its quite simple really. Here are a few benefits of vaccines.After a person is vaccinated for a certain pathogen they remain immune for the remainder of their lives (But sometimes booster jabs are ... Read More »

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How long must I be married to another person before I qualify for their disability benefits also if I'm collecting disability benefits and I marry do I qualify for higher benefits and when?

Travel insurance is important because even though you are going on vacation from your job and home life, you never want to go on vacation from your health insurance. Imagine if you got hurt or very... Read More »

Why use vaccinations?

Vaccinations are important so that if you get that disease, your body will know how to fight it off and you won't suffer. Basically a vaccine is when they are putting the disease into your body but... Read More »

How many vaccinations are there?

Well , if you mean why do some hurt more or less than others I can help you. My high school is going to get the A(H1N1) flu shot this Friday and some people faint because of how scared they can be... Read More »

What are 10 vaccinations?

This is a list of only a few of the infectious diseases that vaccines have been developed to prevent: influenza, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, pneumonia, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, human papilloma... Read More »