What are the benefits of swimming for cerebral palsy children?

Answer In 2007, Susie Maroney, the Australian open water medalist who crossed the English Channel twice with the fastest record holding time, revealed that she had cerebral palsy, and that early swimming ... Read More »

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How to Set Realistic Goals for Children With Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder affecting the muscles. The disorder is usually diagnosed in early childhood. Although cerebral palsy can be a result of accidents or illnesses in the first... Read More »

What is cerebral palsy ?

Cerebral palsy is a malfunction originating in the brain that causes motor difficulties and muscle control problems. About 8,000 babies are diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and up to 1,500 children a... Read More »

What is the prognosis for cerebral palsy?

On One Hand: Difficult to PredictThere are four identified types of cerebral palsy--spastic, athetoid, ataxic and mixed--and the website says that it is difficult for doctors ... Read More »

What is spastic cerebral palsy?

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders (NINDS), cerebral palsy is a disorder caused by the brain's inability to coordinate movements between the nerve, the muscle and the br... Read More »