What are the benefits of stair climbing?

Answer It is not a tightly kept secret that ditching the elevator for the stairs will improve health. But how exactly does this little change affect people? Below are a few of the common benefits derived ... Read More »

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How much are stair lifts?

According to, the cost can range from $2,800 to $4,000 for a basic straight staircase up to $15,000 for more complex configurations in 2009. The price usually includes installation a... Read More »

How do I cut stair stringers?

Rise and Steps CalculationsMeasure the total stair rise from floor to floor. Divide the total rise by 7 inches for the number of steps, rounding the number up or down to increase or decrease the st... Read More »

What is a stair stepper?

A stair stepper is an exercise machine that simulates going up and down stairs. It strengthens leg and buttock muscles and provides cardiovascular exercise to strengthen the heart and promote weigh... Read More »

How to Cut Stair Stringers?

It is important to know how to create the stairs backbone if you decide to build your own stairs for your house or deck. Stair stringers are the support structures for stairs. This article will tel... Read More »