What are the benefits of semi-soft contact lenses?

Answer Hard contact lenses were the first contact lenses, introduced in the 1960s. They were difficult to wear and caused many problems for wearers. Today, semi-soft contact lenses are the "new" hard lens... Read More »

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How to Wear Semi-Permeable Contact Lenses?

Semi-permeable contact lenses constitute one of three basic lens types, along with hard and soft lenses. Soft lenses are the most commonly prescribed lenses on the market today according to Life Ti... Read More »

Who Can Wear Soft Contact Lenses?

Wearing glasses can be bothersome if you play sports or lead an active lifestyle, so contact lenses may offer a solution. Most people seeking to wear contact lenses will try soft contacts.Significa... Read More »

Who invented soft contact lenses?

According to, soft contact lenses were invented by Otto Wichterle, a Czech scientist. In 1961, Wichterle used a homemade device made of an old phonograph and an erector set in order to c... Read More »

Are my contact lenses hard or soft?

You bought soft lenses of course.You can't buy hard lenses online. Hard lenses...which are actually RGP lenses , (Rigid Gas Permeable) are very small and don't bend in half when wet...they don't ev... Read More »