What are the benefits of sauna therapy?

Answer Saunas have been popular in Scandinavian countries for centuries, used not only as a place to take baths but also to heal the sick and soothe women during childbirth.SignificanceSauna therapy has m... Read More »

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What Are the Benefits of Having a Sauna?

Saunas are a common feature of many fitness clubs and spas, but you might be considering having one of your own. The dry heat of the sauna provides a variety of potential physical and mental benefi... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of a Hot Sauna?

According to many historians, the sauna --- a small room or house where steam baths are taken --- dates back to Finland over 2,000 years ago. Many people claim that the hot steam baths have numerou... Read More »

How to Intensify the Benefits of a Sauna?

Having originated from the traditional Finnish bath, the modern sauna is now a heated room which induces sweat. There are several types of saunas which include infrared, wet, smoke, dry and steam. ... Read More »

What are the benefits of the sauna for fevers?

A sauna is a wooden room infused with dry heat. Temperatures can reach up to 185 degrees Farenheit in a sauna. They can usually be found at gyms, spas and hotels.What Is A SaunaA sauna is a room wh... Read More »