What are the benefits of rock heater saunas vs. infrared saunas?

Answer Both infrared and rock steamer saunas have health benefits. There are some advantages and disadvantages that each one has over the other. These should be weighed when deciding which one is best.Ide... Read More »

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What Are the Benefits of Dry & Steam Saunas?

Many people confuse saunas and steam rooms, both of which are found in high-end gyms and spas and both of which provide supposed health benefits to patrons. Benefits of both saunas and steam rooms ... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Steam Rooms & Saunas?

Both are popular in Europe; both provide health benefits; both are seen as great sources of relaxation. So, then, what is the difference between steam rooms and saunas? Basically, the sauna uses dr... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of a Ceramic Heater?

As heating costs increase, individuals are seeking effecient heating solutions such as a space heaters. Ceramic heaters are a type of space heater. Some of the benefits of using a ceramic heater in... Read More »

Are saunas dangerous?

On One Hand: Saunas Are SafeAccording to the Finnish Sauna Society, when used properly saunas are not dangerous and do not pose any health risk. Saunas can provide many benefits for an individual s... Read More »