What are the benefits of red wine vinegar?

Answer Red wine vinegar has been commonly used in Central Europe and the Mediterranean countries for thousands of years. Today, it is used around the world for cooking and as a homeopathic remedy and elix... Read More »

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What is the Difference Between White Wine Vinegar and Champagne Vinegar?

Wine vinegars have many culinary uses, adding an acidic taste to foods. Although similar in appearance and other aspects, white wine vinegar and champagne vinegar have some differences.ProcessThe w... Read More »

Can red wine be substituded for red wine vinegar?

Hell no.You can substitute just about any other vinegar although the taste might be a little different but you can't substitute red wine for red wine vinegar.

Does chillable red wine have the same health benefits as red wine?

On One Hand: It Has Higher CarbsChillable red wine is not as dry as typical red wine, meaning that it has a sweeter taste. The extra sweetening equates to a higher carbohydrate count than regular r... Read More »

How to Make Red Wine Vinegar?

Red wine vinegar is a staple ingredient in vinaigrettes, marinades, braising liquids and many other recipes. Commercially available red wine vinegar is easy to find but it tends to lack the depth o... Read More »