What are the benefits of radio& video over the Internet?

Answer While television networks struggle to control how and when viewers watch shows and radio stations air commercials with brief interruptions of corporate-sponsored music, the Internet has grown into ... Read More »

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How do I video conference over the Internet?

How To Video Conference Online With SkypeDownload Skype to your computer by following the directions on Skype's homepage (see the link under References). Once on the home page, click the "Get Skype... Read More »

What is the dance song played over the BBC radio 1's advertisement of weekends on BBC radio 1?

Its on the tip of my tongue. Id have to get back at ya mate.

Why does radio play the same songs over and over?

The actual answer is most people don't listen to the radio for long periods of time, and when they tune in they want to hear hits. I've seen some Top 40 stations rotate their biggest songs every 65... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Voice Over IP in a Business?

Along with the constant improvements and developments in technology today comes Voice over Internet Protocol, which has been gaining wide acceptance by businesses in enhancing their operations. VoI... Read More »