What are the benefits of polyurethane insulation foam spraying?

Answer Polyurethane foam insulation has become one of the most-used void fillers in home construction and repair. It has many advantages over standard fiberglass insulation and is adaptable to many other ... Read More »

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How much oil goes into polyurethane foam insulation?

The latest polyurethane foams are more environmentally friendly than their predecessors, insofar as they contain up to 12% of oil derived from castor or soy beans; the remaining 88%, though, still ... Read More »

Is polyurethane foam insulation flammable?

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration has documented several instances of fires associated with polyurethane foam insulation. It recommends that "open flames, cutting and welding torches,... Read More »

How do you make polyurethane foam insulation?

Answer Had my chem teacher in highschool grow the PU foam in front of the class, how did he do it? Answer You need four chemicals:A polyol. For foam, glycerin will work.A diisocyanate. A catalyst ... Read More »

How do i use polyurethane foam?

Use polyurethane foam to insulate or fill cracks in houses, sheds, walls, windows, doors, patio coverings, cement, sidewalks or garages. Buy polyurethane foam in a spray can from a hardware store. ... Read More »