What are the benefits of plastic packaging materials?

Answer Plastics have certain advantages as packaging materials. Their flexibility, strength, and sealing abilities make them especially useful in packaging foods and drugs.Resistant PropertiesPlastic's to... Read More »

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How much waste is generated from packaging materials?

Packaging material accounts for approximately 34 percent of the volume of all solid waste generated, according to packaging manufacturer Pak-Sel, Inc. By weight, packaging accounts for approximate... Read More »

How to Build a Laptop Stand from Materials That Come With Your Computer Packaging?

Build a simple laptop stand using the materials that come with your computer.

What Are the Functions of Plastic Packaging?

Packaging is very important, whether we are talking about paper, glass, metal, fabric or plastic packaging. Without packaging, goods could not be protected against all sorts of damages. Plastic pac... Read More »

Is plastic packaging recyclable?

Most plastic packaging is recyclable, especially bottles and containers. Most community recycling programs accept bottles, jugs, tubs, planting pots and buckets. Recycling programs do not accept pl... Read More »