What are the benefits of office 2007?

Answer The applications bundled into the Microsoft Office Suite have become the standard throughout the world not only because of the marketing expertise of its manufacturer, but because they contain bene... Read More »

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What are the benefits of Microsoft Office 2007?

Microsoft Office Standard 2007 is a software package released in 2007 by Microsoft. But what does it include, and what are its benefits?Word 2007Microsoft Word 2007 offers users the ability to gene... Read More »

How to Upgrade from Office 2007 Small Business to Office 2007 Professional?

Microsoft Office is a collection of productivity programs. There are several suites for Office 2007 that progressively expand the capabilities of Office. Office 2007 Professional is the next step u... Read More »

Can I install MS Office Enterprise 2007 over MS Standard Office 2007?

When you install a new version of Microsoft Office, it actually loads as a new program. This means that you will actually have two versions of Office on your system using your computer's resources.... Read More »

If I download Microsoft Office 2010, will my Office 2007 files still work?

It will do absolutely nothing to the files you have created - they will work just fine in 2007 or 2010.When you install, you can either replace 2007 with 2010 or keep 2007 and install 2010 in addit... Read More »