What are the benefits of offering free wifi to customers?

Answer When your business offers free Wi-Fi to customers, you build customer loyalty. Some people also don't have Internet access at home, so they will frequent an establishment that provides this servic... Read More »

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Do british telecom provide non wifi hubs to its customers?

They do not, but you may be able to turn the facility off. Here is a link below which explains how to protect a router;… It covers pretty much everything, ... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Offering Stock Options?

Stock options offer buyers the right to buy stock at a particular price within a specific window of time. The benefits of offering stock options may be beneficial to both the employer and the emplo... Read More »

What is the value of offering domestic partner benefits?

On One Hand: Equality and EmploymentThe value of offering domestic partner benefits is that it draws in and retains talented employees, according to the League of Minnesota Cities. Very skilled and... Read More »

With which free software I can create wifi zone using a wifi adaptor and broadband internet in ethernet port?…It is a little technical but it will work.