What are the benefits of lemon drops?

Answer Lemon drops are lemon-flavored candy shaped like tiny lemons. They are sweet and tart on the inside and coated with granulated sugar. They have several uses, from medicinal to nutritional. "Lemon d... Read More »

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How to Get a Few Drops from a Lemon?

When cooking, you don't always want to have to open an entire lemon just to obtain a few drops of lemon juice for the recipe. Here is a quick and easy answer.

How to Make Lemon Drops?

Make homemade lemon drops, a simple hard-boiled candy treat with pure lemon juice. This is an original 1880s recipe.

What are the benefits of walking bare -footed on grass covered with dew drops ?

can't speak for anyone but myself - it feels like being a child again, fresh and new, and almost magical.

What Are the Benefits of Hot Water & Lemon?

Pharmaceutical companies have spent countless dollars developing magical drugs that make people healthier. They have profited millions upon millions of dollars with their laboratory creations. But ... Read More »