What are the benefits of lcd projectors?

Answer Liquid crystal display (LCD) projectors offer users the flexibility to excel in both home entertainment and business applications--offering sharp picture quality in handling data applications, as w... Read More »

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What are the benefits of LCD projectors in schools?

Projectors are used in the classroom more and more today with technology becoming an essential part of the education system. LCD projectors are used in school auditoriums and classrooms for educati... Read More »

What are the benefits of classroom lcd projectors?

Liquid crystal display (LCD) projectors transmit images, text, videos and presentations to a screen. Digital technology substantially complements classroom teaching. K-12 students are a product of ... Read More »

What do digital projectors use to project?

Digital projectors use Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology to project images. The digital projector is made with digital micro mirror devices, which are series of tiny panels used to reflect... Read More »

What are lumens concerning projectors?

ANSI lumens / Projector outputThe light output of projectors (including video projectors) is typically measured in lumens. A standardized procedure for testing projectors has been established by th... Read More »