What are the benefits of language interpretation?

Answer In communicating across languages and cultures, miscommunication is inevitable. Both words and non-verbal cues can be misinterpreted with disastrous results. Former Presidents have used a hand sign... Read More »

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How to Learn Language Interpretation?

The role of the interpreter involves making both the parties understand the contents of the speech or message. The interpretation can be consecutive or simultaneous.

Do Hospitals Have an Obligation to Provide Language Interpretation?

It is very difficult to deliver health care across a language barrier. If a language or any form of communication barrier exists, the hospital must have means to provide services to overcome those ... Read More »

How to Get an Online Degree in Sign Language Interpretation?

Sign language interpretation is in high need. Court systems, public schools and hospitals are just a few of the areas where interpreters are needed. It is a career where the supply rarely meets the... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Foreign Language Learning?

An old French proverb says, "A man who knows two languages is worth two men." Speakers of more than one language enjoy wide-ranging opportunities for travel, relationships and employment. Learning ... Read More »