What are the benefits of kona coffee?

Answer Kona coffee comes from Kona, Hawaii, where it is naturally grown under the shade of trees protecting the coffee plants from direct sunlight. Coffee with the "Kona" coffee designation must have been... Read More »

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Where is kona coffee grown?

Kona coffee is grown only on the western side of the island of Hawaii, in the Kona district. The area provides the coffee trees with unique growing conditions combining volcanic soil, rainfall, and... Read More »

Kona Coffee Plants?

Kona coffee is not a type of coffee plant; instead, it is a marketing term for the naturally growing Arabica coffee plant grown and harvested in Kona, Hawaii, on the western side of the island. Acc... Read More »

What island is famous for Kona coffee?

Kona coffee is grown on the island of Hawaii. Specifically, the Kona region is on the western side of the Hualalai and Mauna Loa volcanoes. The main coffee-growing section of Kona is just more than... Read More »

How to Make Kona Coffee Crème Brulée?

Crème brulées are custards, that can be made with different varieties of fruit, coffee, or vanilla with a slight "torched" appearance on the top. This unique coffee dessert comes from the Caf... Read More »