What are the benefits of kombucha tea?

Answer Kombucha tea is a symbiotic, probiotic tea that is used for medicinal purposes. However, its benefits are not scientifically proven.BrewingKombucha tea is made by adding kombucha, which is a colony... Read More »

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What is kombucha used for?

A combination of yeast and bacteria, kombucha is sometimes used in a tea form as a natural remedy to stimulate the immune system and improving digestion and liver function, reports the Mayo Clinic.... Read More »

What is Synergy Kombucha?

Synergy Kombucha is a brand-name Kombucha blended with fruit juice. Natural-food enthusiasts laud Kombucha, which is fermented tea, for its supposed health benefits. Manufacturer Millennium Product... Read More »

How to Carbonate Kombucha?

Royal KombuchaLearn how to add fizz to your home made Kombucha. The second fermentation is where you can add carbonation and flavor.

Does kombucha tea help with insulin?

Kombucha tea helps insulin levels, according to a study in the Medical Journal of Islamic Academy of Studies, in which diabetic rats' blood-sugar levels decreased with tea consumption. Researches a... Read More »