What are the benefits of infra red heating pads?

Answer Infrared heating pads are devices used by people to relieve pain in muscles and joints by applying heat to the body. The infrared heat has several advantages over traditional heating pads.Infrared ... Read More »

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Has anyone used a sunheat infra red heating system?

heating with electricity costs the same for all heaters regardless of design or cost. all electric heaters are 100% efficient. it is a gimmick! replacing quartz bulbs on such a heater might be cost... Read More »

Who invented heating pads?

The heating pad was invented in 1912 by S. I. Russel. It was originally invented for people who had tuberculosis, and wasn't used directly on the body but was used in beds. It was made of fabric an... Read More »

What are the dangers of heating pads?

Common sense must be utilized when using a heating pad. Whether it is used for too long a period or not used properly, injury can and does occur.BurnsProlonged exposure can cause burning. A heating... Read More »

Who makes Dunlap heating pads?

Kaz manufactures Dunlap heating pads. In addition to heating pads, Kaz also makes heat wraps and cold compresses. Kaz also markets these products under the brand names SoftHeat and SmartTemp.Source... Read More »