What are the benefits of hemp seed?

Answer A single pound of hemp seeds can sustain a human life for two weeks, making it a highly nutritious "superfood." Just 1 tbsp. hemp seeds provides the recommended daily allowance for essential fatty ... Read More »

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What is hemp seed?

Hemp seeds are produced by the hemp plant, known as Cannabis sativa L. Hemp is a hardy, adaptable plant that has many possible uses. Hemp seeds and oil are edible, and the hemp plant can also yield... Read More »

What type of fish is most commonly caught with hemp seed bait?

Hemp seed, the seed of the plant cannabis sativa, is a popular bait with anglers because it is rich in natural oils and requires minimal preparation. Hemp seed bait is similar in size, texture and ... Read More »

Old Question, but good one. What are benefits of hemp?

The hemp plant has lots of uses, the oil, fibres used to make cloth and iof course the leaves;)I actually take hemp oil as part of my diet, it helps my poor old aching joints a lot;

Does hemp seed contain THC?

According to a March 2000 scientific study by Hemp Oil Canada, hemp seeds contain small amounts of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. The THC content in hemp seeds decreased significantly wit... Read More »