What are the benefits of getting a bone scan when multiple nonossifing fibromas?

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What is the difference between a cat scan&a bone scan?

CAT, or CT, scans and bone scans are both imaging procedures doctors use to diagnose health problems. The two x-ray procedures can be used to diagnose slightly different problems.TechniquesAccordin... Read More »

What is a bone scan like?

A bone scan in an advanced imaging technique that uses radioactive dye to enhance the scan image. It identifies bone growth or degradation to evaluate bone damage, the presence of cancer or other b... Read More »

What is a bone scan?

A bone scan is a type of imaging test that can be used to check for a number of problems within bones. This type of test is necessary, according to the Mayo Clinic, to check for problems that an X-... Read More »

What is a bone age scan?

A bone age scan, or bone age test, is a diagnostic procedure that is performed on children to estimate the relative age of a child's skeletal structure. It is done by taking an X-ray of the left w... Read More »