What are the benefits of garlic?

Answer Garlic and garlic supplements confer some limited health benefits upon those who take them regularly, reports the the Mayo Clinic, but more studies are necessary, and garlic's long-term value is st... Read More »

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What are the benefits of raw garlic?

Eating raw garlic is thought to provide many health benefits to an individual. It is good for the heart, the circulatory system, the immune system, has cancer fighting properties, and can kill para... Read More »

The Benefits of Fresh Garlic?

A species of onion, garlic has been consumed for centuries for culinary and medicinal reasons. The garlic bulb, which divides into individual cloves, is the most common part used of a garlic plant.... Read More »

Garlic Juice Benefits?

Garlic has been used as a medicine for around 5,000 years, according to It is a natural antibacterial agent and it contains the antioxidants germanium and selenium, accor... Read More »

What are the benefits of garlic supplements?

Though garlic is widely known for its very pungent aroma and taste, it is also well known for its health benefits. Today, garlic supplements are widely available in pill and capsule form, and fortu... Read More »