What are the benefits of exhaust cut outs?

Answer Though the legality of exhaust cut-outs varies from state to state, these intentional exhaust leaks can give your car full-race exhaust flow at the push of a button without any further modification... Read More »

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What are exhaust cut outs?

Unlike complete exhaust system replacements, exhaust system cutouts can give you performance and stealth at the flick of a switch. Relatively cheap and easy to install, cutouts are a popular option... Read More »

What are the benefits of ceramic exhaust headers?

Headers are tubular exhaust manifolds designed to get an engine's exhaust gasses out of the motor as quickly as possible, allowing the engine to make more power. Headers are often coated with a spe... Read More »

Flowmaster Exhaust Benefits?

Some people are drawn to the lung-rattling sound of a performance engine, which Flowmaster designs its exhaust products to create. However, many are surprised to learn that Flowmaster technology ha... Read More »

Exhaust Wrap Benefits?

A vehicle's exhaust system is designed to quickly move exhaust gases (created through the combustion process) from the engine to the tail pipe. Combustion gases can exceed 1000 degrees Fahrenheit a... Read More »