What are the benefits of embedded databases?

Answer A database is a collection of information (records) that can be sorted, filtered and otherwise managed to develop or determine relationships among different data. Most databases are handled as stan... Read More »

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What Are the Benefits of Mobile Databases?

A mobile database takes advantage of the cloud computing model, in which multiple remote computers work in unison to store and process information. Users can interact with a mobile database from ne... Read More »

Are relative databases& relational databases the same thing?

When referring to database structures, there is no such thing as a relative database. However, there are relational databases. While the two terms have similar definitions, the terms are not interc... Read More »

What is Normalisation in databases?

When designing databases you are faced with a series of choices. How many tables will there be, and what will they represent? Which columns will go in which tables? What will be the relationship... Read More »

What do you expect for the next generation databases?