What are the benefits of drinking vinegar?

Answer According to folk wisdom, vinegar, that staple that people put in their salads, actually has a number of benefits when drunk on a regular basis. These range from antioxidant support to reducing hig... Read More »

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Does drinking vinegar have healthful benefits?

On One Hand: The History of Medicinal VinegarVinegar has been said to have health benefits for centuries. It benefits the digestive system, helping nutrients like calcium to be absorbed and control... Read More »

Can drinking vinegar cause a miscarriage?

Vinegar and Miscarriages No. Drinking any amount of vinegar will not cause a miscarriage at any point of time in a pregnancy. It's definitely NOT a good idea to try to end a pregnancy by taking an... Read More »

Can drinking vinegar kill you?

How to Lose Body Fat by Drinking Vinegar?

Apple Cider Vinegar is used for loosing weight and reducing body fat. Drinking apple cider vinegar as a diet aid helps increase metabolism, burn fat, suppress appetite and reduce water weight gain.... Read More »